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Download O Khuda MP3 Song FREE & Lyrics Hero 2015 Movie

If you are looking for the effective source to download O Khuda MP3 song from Hero 2015 Movie, then you are at right place. Know more about this song, lyrics and singers. The upcoming movie has now most listening songs and this is another released song which has written with soul and also sung with the beautiful voices of the playback singers.


Download O Khuda MP3 Song Hero Movie

You can download O Khuda song easily with one way click. The soundtrack of this movie was release on 14 August, 2015, that include 8 most famous and hurt touching songs. Once Salman Khan’s Mai Hoon Hero Tera teaser song was release the queue of all songs started to get interacted with all listeners and audience. The song O Khuda has been given best reviews for its music and singers. Amaal Mallik and Palak Muchchal have enhanced this song with beautiful voices as playback singers. Know more about this song below:

O Khuda Song Detail

Song Title: O Khuda

Song Lyrics: Kumaar

Music by: Amaal Mallik

Playback Singer(s): Amaal Mallik, Palak Muchchal

Length (Duration): 05:07 Minutes


O Khuda Song Lyrics Hero 2015 Movie

Here are lyrics for O Khuda song. This is also one of the best songs whose lyrics written by Kumaar. The music enhanced by Amaal Mallik that really touches the soul and heart of all listeners. Checkout its lyrics:

Tere bIn jeena haI aIse
DIL dhadka naa ho jaIse
Yeh Ishq haI kya dunIya ko
Hum Samjhaaye kaIse

Ab dILon kI raahon meIn
Hum kuch aIsa kar jayeIn
Ik dooje Se bIchhde toh
Saans LIye bIn marr jayeIn

O Khuda..
Bata de kya Lakreeron meIn LIkha
Humne toh..
Humne toh bas Ishq haI kIya

Pyaar kI Inn raahon meIn
MILte haIn kItne darIya
Laakh toofaano meIn bhI dIL ko
MIL jaata haI zarIya

Iss dIL ke Irraadon meIn haI Itna asar
Lehron se kInaaron pe karta haI safar

O Khuda..
Bata de kya Lakreeron meIn LIkha..
Humne toh..
Humne toh bas Ishq haI kIya

Aaj apne rangon se bIchhdI haIn yeh tasveereIn
Haathon meIn kahIn toot rahIn haIn
MIL kar do taqdeereIn

DunIya yeh jeet gayI dIL haar gaya..
NahI Socha tha mIL kar kabhI honge judaa..

O Khuda..
Bata de kya Lakreeron meIn LIkha
Humne toh.. !!

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